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How to install and download Microsoft

The Microsoft Corporation is a renowned software company. Microsoft Corporation is the brains behind the Microsoft office software products. These include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. These are software programs used by different people for different purposes all over the world. To access these products, visit or simply visit office setup on your browser.

Whether you want to make labels, write letters, produce presentations or create spreadsheets, this array of Microsoft products have got you covered. When searching for any of these software products, go ahead and type office setup or MS office setup in the search bar of your browser.

If you are one of the people who is using the Macintosh Operating System or the Windows Operating system, you have the convenience of enjoying all these products. For the latest versions of the Microsoft suite of products, visit office 365 setup. Another alternative route to get the same updated versions of the software products is by visiting office setup 2016.

Microsoft Office setup.exe

When you want to control which language is installed on certain software products or you want to determine which products to install. The office setup file will help you with that and more. Alternatively, office setup.exe is a command line tool otherwise known as an Office Deployment Tool that lets you control various aspects regarding how you want the Microsoft office products to perform.

While some computers work with the office setup 32-bit version of windows, other computers use the office setup 64 bit. As such, a computer running the office setup 64 bit version of windows is only compatible with particular versions of the windows products.

Read on to find out how to install and download Microsoft software products.

Install MS Office

Office Setup Download Step by Step

You have two options under which you can download Microsoft office setup. You can use either the online mode for office setup free download or the alternative offline mode. On your browser, you can as well visit office setup download. Here is a step by step guide to help you download office setup;

Open your browser. In the search bar type, and press enter to log in

  • In the space provided, key in your login details
  • Thereafter, you will be asked to provide the product key
  • Key in your product key and press enter to proceed
  • Remember to fill in all your details properly in order to sign up
  • From the variety of subscriptions available, choose the one that is most relevant to you
  • Click download
  • Note that if it is your first time using the Microsoft products, you are required to first create your own account. This can be done by first pressing on the Create an account button’ and thereafter follow a few quick and easy steps to open your new account. Thereafter you can then begin the step by step process as described above.

Re-installing office setup Guidance

When you are facing problems with the software products you are currently using, or you are using an older version of the products, you may be forced to reinstall the office setup. Another scenario that may have you reinstalling office setup is when you have just bought a new device and you want to move your office setup from your older device to your new one. First, uninstall the office setup and follow a simple step by step process as detailed below;

  • Turn on your device
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account by first logging on to
  • Choose and download the office subscription version you were working with before uninstalling
  • Thereafter install the office setup using the same steps provided above
  • When asked for the product key, type the same product key you were using earlier
  • Wait for a few seconds before receiving confirmation that office setup has been successfully reinstalled

Uninstalling office setup

For various reasons, such as those described above one may need to uninstall office setup before reinstalling it back again. How do you do this? By simply following the steps below;

  • Boot or turn on your device
  • Find the control panel
  • On Programs and features, click on the link reading? Uninstall program
  • Right click on the Microsoft office program
  • In the appearing options, click uninstall
  • Wait for a few minutes for the uninstall process to finish
  • Once the uninstall process is done, close this window
  • Restart your device or computer

If you are looking for a safer online option to download office setup, browse Ms Office setup free download.

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