Microsoft Office Free Download

Microsoft office comes up with latest version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint in every 3-4 years. MS office users can free download updated office and install in their PC.

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How to go about Microsoft Office Free Download

Whether you are a student, a professional, business person, or a stay at home mom, there will always come a time when you will need to use the Microsoft Office suite of products. For starters, you will find the Microsoft office free download very useful as you familiarize yourself with the products.

Products such as Outlook, Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, and Publisher can be accessed by finding the free download MS office setup with the help of your browser. This way you can write presentable letters to your bosses or compile school research findings complete with a power point presentation.

With the Microsoft office 365 download, you are guaranteed to work only with the latest or updated versions of all the Microsoft office products. In addition, you can access your files anywhere whether you are online or offline. This is a convenient tool that is safe and dependable for any user.

Free download MS office 2016

Microsoft office products are reliable and help you produce exemplary results. These products may serve you perfectly but the Microsoft corporation works hard to ensure continuous improvements to their products in a bid to better their customer's experience. An alternative way to find these products would be to head to the search bar on your browser and type download MS office 2016.

If you are new to using Microsoft Office products, it is never too late to start. To get a taste of the service you are about to sign up for, you may want to try the products first. This can easily be done by searching for MS office 2016 free download on your browser.

These products are 100% safe and easy to use. With MS office 7 free download you get to access some of these products. You can make ravishing PowerPoint presentations to clinch that job promotion you’ve been eying or edit photos and format text using MS Word.

MS office free download & install

By downloading and installing Microsoft office products you become one of the millions of people worldwide who use the products. These products are not only useful to keep commercial affairs running in the office, but they also contribute significantly in both home and school environments. You can get to use these essential software products on your smartphone, or personal computer using Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

Here’s a step by step process you can follow for MS office free download & install;

The Downloading process

First, type on your browsers’ search bar

  • To sign in you’ll be required to provide your email or username.
  • Key in your details correctly. If you forgot your sign in details, there is a link written ?I forgot the account’ here you will be guided on how you can recover your account.
  • If you signed in using your Microsoft account for instance click on the appropriate link. The same goes if you signed in using a school or work account.
  • In the appearing dialogue box select 'download office’

The Installing Process

  • Select, either 'save file’, 'run,’ or 'setup’ depending on whether you are using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge or Chrome browsers.
  • Thereafter, you will be asked if you want the application to make changes to your device to which you will answer yes
  • Give it a few minutes for the installing process to finish
  • An animation will activate itself to play and show you where in your computer you can find the office products which you just installed
  • Thereafter click close and you are ready to enter the wonderful world of Microsoft office products
  • You may be asked to accept or agree to the terms and conditions in order to activate the applications. In this case, you can answer affirmatively. In certain instances, the applications activate themselves once you start them
  • On rare occasions, one may be required to follow the prompts by clicking 'next’ all the way to 'finish’ in order to activate the applications

Note that you can only use this free version for a year before you are required to pay to subscribe and ultimately continue to use the products. If you face any type of difficulty either with the download or install process, there is a link written 'need help’. Click on this link to find assistance on how to successfully complete the process

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